Best Smart Home Hubs 2020

5 Best Smart Home Hubs 2020

What once seemed like science fiction is now a reality: we are building smart homes. However, the more smart devices we buy, the more apps ...
Smart Home Systems for the Elderly

Smart Home Systems for the Elderly

Smart technology has become a staple in most homes. Thanks to its ability to automate a variety of everyday household tasks. However its use...
Smart Home Geeks is the ultimate Smart Home website, covering everything you need to know to make your home a Smart Home. Don’t worry we don’t only cover expensive professionally installed solutions but solutions anyone can buy off the shelf and install for themselves. For example wifi controlled lights you can just plug in and Smart Doorbells you can setup yourself in minutes.

What is a Smart Home and why do I want one?

A Smart Home is a home you can control via your phone or computer. The idea is it makes everyday tasks like turning on the heating easier and often automated. It also allows you to save money, for example how often have forgot to turn off the lights? With wifi controlled lights there is no need to worry as you can open the app and turn them off or even set a rule so if you are not home they turn off automatically.

A smart home normally contains a few key items these include wifi controlled lights, like Philips Hue. Wifi controlled lights allow you to turn the lights on and off and depending on the type you choose you can also dim, change colour and even flash in time to your music, great for parties!

Another great element of smart homes is the added security and safety, one way this can be achieved is by using smart smoke detectors. These work in the same way as a ‘dumb’ smoke detector however they have the added functionality of an app that can alert you in you are not home, great if you have pets and want to keep an eye on your house. Some smart smoke alarms, for example Nest Protect, have added functionality like voice guidance that talks to you rather than just beeping annoyingly.

The other important element for security is smart home cameras. Smart Home Cameras boast exciting features like human detection with some even being able to learn faces and tell if it is an intruder on the normal cleaner.

Other tech makes your life easier, for example smart doorbells like Ring video doorbell – allowing you to answer the door from where ever you are and asking the delivery man to leave it in a safe place of with a neighbour.

The downside of having all this smart home tech is each requires their own app and often setup, this headache can be resolved with a home automation hub. A hub normally has one interface and allows all your tech to talk to each other allowing routines and automation, for example Good Night to turn everything off and close the blinds.