Smart Home Geeks is written by two Smart Home Geeks – Henry and Krystian.

We both have a passion and expertise for Smart Home Tech (IoT) as well as marketing and journalism. We combined the three and created Smart Home Geeks.

We both own Smart Homes and test all the tech in our own setups, not in an office or lab. All reviews are genuine and are after us testing and trying the tech for ourselves.

We do not print reviews supplied by PR agencies or manufacturers. However we will happily test and review your tech – as long as it’s relevant to Smart Homes.

We are based in the England so unlike a lot of Smart Home Websites we look at things from an English point of view. However don’t let this put off our international visitors – we have readers from all over the world and review tech from anywhere!

If you have any questions, feedback – or would like us to review your tech, get in touch!