If you haven’t heard of Oval it is a smart home sensor that monitors and detects changes in motion, temperature, humidity, light and water.

Recently Oval 2.0 has been launched on Kickstarter, if your wonder here are the key differences between Oval 1.0 and Oval 2.0.

The unit has been redesigned, based on feedback and to improve functionality

Smart Home Connectivity
Oval 2.0 can talk to your other smart home tech, including Amazon Alex and Google Home. It can also connect to hundreds of other devices via IFTTT. This allows you to create your own applets.

Longer battery life
The new firmware uses Zigbee so power consumption is dramatically improved. Oval is now also shipped with higher capacity batteries.

Multiple Location Support
Control multiple Ovals in different locations on one account. Great for holiday home owners or keeping an eye on your lock up.

Included Water Sensor

You can now use the water sensor out of the box with no extra purchase required.

Wireless Gateway

Ovals gateway is now wireless, allowing it to be placed where you need it.

Mesh capabilities

Add multiple gateways to create a mesh network to improve performance and range

Oval 2.o is currently on Kickstarter with an aim to ship in November 2018.

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