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One of the challenges with owning a smart home is the endless apps needed to control then, for example a simple task like turning down the lights, turning up the heating and putting music on required 3 different apps.

Meet Yeti the app that wants to solve the headache!

What does the Yeti Smart Home app do?

It is one app for every Smart Home Tech.  Meaning you can control everything, create rooms and set favourites for settings, for example a lights colour or brightness – they call these charms. As well as routines, for example wake up so turn on heating and lights.

Yet App Review

How does it work and What is the tech?

It connects into each apps API / connectivity allowing it to control them. It does however also control Sonos, as usual we assume via reverse engineering. Due to this its Sonos connectivity is very limited, its simply on or off with no volume or music selection.


We were wrong – you CAN control songs and volume the developer got in touch, just press the Sonos Speaker Icon and you can change songs/volume etc – very nice!

How easy is it to set up?

Very easy – we had it working in a few minutes and we have a lot of tech:

When within your home network and on the same Wi-fi you scan and it adds your tech. As usual with Hue you need to annoyingly press the hub button but that’s a Hue restriction. Nest also made you login via their secure prompt.

You also have to go through 3 slightly odd prompts that tell you to install the app for each bit of tech. This could easily be removed or a ‘Do show me this again’ prompt added.

Yeti App Setup

How much does it cost?

The basic version is free from the App store (Google and IOS) but has limitations on number of rooms and routines.  Premium costs 0.99 for 3 months, it’s not very clear after this how much premium costs.

What’s it like living with it?

We have only just set it up so far too early to say, however we love the concept!

What are our final thoughts?

An impressive little app with a big future! It does need a little design and usability love. for example sometimes buttons overlapped, but nothing that can’t be overcame it later versions. One to watch.

Yeti App Design

See the overlap of button and text when testing on iPhone 6 Plus

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