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Top Tips when buying a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Today’s vacuum cleaners perform specialized jobs such as cleaning hard floors, vacuuming deep carpets and mopping hard and smooth surfaces. These particular gadgets share a lot of similar features since they operate using smart technology.

It is undoubtedly true that today’s robot cleaners are reliable and they can automatically perform cleaning tasks well. These devices consist of multiple sensors and rollers that enable them to map and clean a specific room in your home. However, robot cleaners still have some minor issues though there is a significant improvement compared to earlier gadgets.

When you want to buy a robot vacuum cleaner, you need to understand that there are many types of robot vacuum cleaners on the market. Therefore, you should know the proper functions of each device. There are common mistakes outlined below that you should avoid when you shop for a vacuum cleaner either online or in store.

Avoid a robotic vacuum cleaner without programmable cleaning time

Robotic vacuum cleaners use smart technology, and they operate without supervision. These devices can also run while you are away. All the same, your house needs regular cleaning whether you are away or around.

It is therefore essential to choose a robotic vacuum cleaner that has a specific function to program its cleaning time. It is possible to schedule your gadget to clean at a particular time of the day and can be programmable for more than a week.

Such a device is very convenient since you do not need to worry yourself about turning it on to start cleaning your work. You can also program it to clean the place when you are away in case your pets and kids are scared of it. You should make sure that you buy a device that you can program to do the work while you are not around. If you are not sure, read Robot Hoover reviews.

A Robot Vacuum Cleaner Does Not Think

No matter what amount of smart technology robot vacuum cleaners use, you need always to remember that these gadgets cannot think like human beings. Indeed, vacuums are smart and can perform intelligent moves like returning to the dock for recharging.  Robot vacuums work unattended, and you do not need to be around to plug the device to a source of power.

Their operations depend on the programs they run on. As such, a robot vacuum cleaner cannot be a permanent substitute of a maid. In one way or the other, human effort is necessary for cleaning the house. You must avoid a mistake of thinking that you can give your robot vacuum cleaner orders like what you can do to your maid. It cannot listen to you; it only performs tasks that you program it to do.

A vacuum cleaner is not perfect

Do not fool yourself to believe that a robot vacuum cleaner is excellent. Its cleaning cycle in a room in known by the manufacturer and it may not be perfect in some places. Some robotic vacuum cleaners are useful for cleaning small places like apartments.

Other vacuum cleaners function well in large rooms. For instance, it is easier for the robot cleaner to correctly clean the passage in your home because it is straightforward. The other mistake you should avoid is to believe that all robot cleaners are similar in all features.

Many people are often swayed by commercial messages in choosing their robotic vacuum cleaners. Each manufacturer emphasises some “unique features” on their product, but the truth is that such features may not be outstanding.

Almost all robot vacuums have sensors that prevent them from falling from steps. When you decide to buy a robot cleaner, look for other special features apart from these common ones. Almost all robot cleaners have a return function to the base station for recharging except for a few models.

You need to focus on the basic factors that make robot cleaners smart. For example, you should try to establish its ability to identify and clean stubborn stains on the floor. The main idea is to get a device that leaves your floor spotless clean even if you do not perform any work.

You should avoid cheaper robotic vacuum cleaners

While your budget determines the kind of robotic cleaner that you will buy, you also need to be careful in choosing a better device. Some cheap models lack some features that make robotic vacuum cleaners smart. For instance, other models of vacuum cleaners have poor navigation functions, and at times they get stuck in wires.

The other issue is that other cheap robotic vacuum cleaners cannot return to the base station for recharging when they run out of power. These devices cease to be smart as suggested by their name since you need to monitor them while they clean your place closely.

Other forms of cheap robotic vacuum cleaners have no side and central brushes. Such devices are not thorough in their cleaning. Other competitive models have low suction power meaning that they cannot do a perfect job in your house.

Some people confuse wet cleaning with washing the floor

Many people often make a mistake of thinking that wet cleaning and floor washing are the same. Floor mopping robots have an option of wet cleaning and suitable for places like the kitchen. A special container drips on the mop, and the robovac sucks then sweep the dirt.

The robovac then wipes the floor at the same time. The microfiber mops can clean the tiniest dust particles on the floor. The process of spraying water on the floor and then wiping it by the robot vacuum is not floor washing. It is known as a simple wiping of the floor. You need to wash the microfiber mop regularly.

Do not think robot cleaners have the same design and construction

Some people believe that all robotic vacuum cleaners have the same structure and composition, but that is not true. The majority of robot cleaners have a plastic dustbin and others release dust into a paper bin found at the charging base.

The sizes of dustbins differ depending on the model of the cleaner. Other models do not have a central cleaning brush, and some have suction provisions on their sides. The suction power of different models of robotic vacuum cleaners also differs significantly.

While most of the robotic vacuums can perform the same functions, most expensive ones are complicated than the others. Their navigation system is complicated, and they carefully build a room map for effective cleaning. Costly devises do not move randomly around the room, and they also use their batteries efficiently.

Avoid ignoring the height and shape of a robotic vacuum cleaner

A robovac’s height is critical since it determines its ability to move under furniture like sofas freely. The thinnest models have a height of about seven to eight centimetres. A robot cleaner needs to leave a gap of about 0,5 cm to make sure that it does not hit furniture with low clearance gap.

The issue of the height of the robotic vacuum cleaner goes along with the aspect of its shape. Many people tend to make a mistake of thinking that a round shaped vacuum cleaner is better than a square shaped one. However, a square-shaped robotic vacuum cleans the corners better than a round one.

The cleaner with a square shape has round corners, therefore, cleans better than the round one. However, the suction power of the robot cleaner and the length of the brushes determine its cleaning power. If you want to make the corners of your home perfectly clean, you better do it yourself with a regular mop.

Likewise, the shape of a robotic vacuum cleaner does not necessarily spell its effectiveness. These devices have their shortfalls, and they are not perfect in their functions. You need to perform the task of manual cleaning of your home regularly to maintain it in a good state.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are reliable, but you should never make a mistake of thinking that they are better than human beings. It is tiresome to clean the floor manually, but you also need to complement the work of the robotic vacuum cleaners.

Choosing a robot vacuum with a UV lamp

A UV lamp is believed to kill bacteria and microorganisms on the floor, but the process takes a very long time. The primary challenge of this device is that it discharges the battery the battery quickly and it may be problematic to operate. It may also be wise to turn off the light to save power.

In other words, a UV lamp is just another additional feature on the robotic vacuum cleaner that however does not make it so special. You need to avoid this mistake when you decide to buy a robot cleaner.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are smart in that they do not need supervision when they perform their cleaning tasks. They share many similar features and also achieve the same functions. However, the vacuum cleaners significantly differ. You need to be careful when buying a robot vacuum to avoid some common mistakes highlighted above. Visit here to find the latest reviews about the best robot vacuum cleaner.

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