Sonos has officially announced the free software update that enables you to connect Sonos to your existing Alexa.

This will allow you to control your Sonos device from Alexa, for example:

“Alexa Play Jazz in the Living Room”
“Alexa stop playing music”

Note this is a open BETA so is not their final release, expect a few small bugs

You can buy Sonos speakers and Amazon Echo at Amazon.

How to connect Sonos to Alexa?

This guide assumes you already have a setup Amazon Alexa and have the app installed.
Also enable Wi-Fi and be on the network you use to control Sonos.

1. Before you start you need to make sure you Sonos app is up to date, we used an iPhone

Sonos Alexa Setup
2. Once updated, open the app – you should receive an prompt for a System Update. Click ‘Learn More’.
Sonos Alexa Setup Guide3. Now you are take to the update screen and told the update is for Alexa.
Sonos Alexa Setup Guide 4. The update will now install – do not turn off your system while it is doing so. Any playing music will stop.

Sonos Alexa Setup Guide

5. Once done, open the Alexa App > Skills > Search > Sonos  then press enable

Sonos Alexa Skill UK
6.  You will now be prompted to sign into your Sonos Account. If you do not have your system setup with an account you need to do that within the app ( More > Settings > My Sonos Account).

7. You now need to accept giving Alexa control of Sonos

Allow Alexa control Sonos
8.  Alexa will now scan you network to find devices

Alexa Discover Devices

9. Your devices will now be found!
Sonos devices found Alexa10. Now you can talk to your Sonos!!

The name of the Sonos is the name you gave it in the Sonos App. This is also shown in devices.

Example commands:

“Alexa play Jazz in Living Room”

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Reminder: You can buy Sonos speakers and Amazon Echo at Amazon.