Sonos is one of the ultimate Smart Home speakers, allowing you to connect your entire home and play almost unlimited music sources.  In this How To we are looking at how to connect the Smart Speakers to IFTTT, the home automation service.

If you are now aware of IFTTT it connects any integrated tech together in appletts, using the principle of If This Then Do That. This becomes very useful the more Smart Tech you have, for example If someone presses your Ring doorbell, mute your Sonos music.

How to connect Sonos to IFTTT

(Required: IFTTT account, Sonos Speaker)

Step 1. Make sure you Sonos system is up to date, to do this open the app and select:

More > Settings > Online Updates

sonos IFTTT setupStep 2.  Check your Sonos system is signed into your account, open the app and check:

More > Settings > Account Settings

If you are signed in it will show as Logged in and your username. Make a note of the username and password as it is required later.

Step 3. Visit the IFTTT dedicated Sonos page: once there click connect.
How to connect Sonos IFTTT
Step 4. Sign into Sonos – don’t worry you are not giving IFTTT your Sonos credentials, just giving it limited access to the functionality.  If you look at the URL you will see the login is done with “” not IFTTT.

Sign into sonosStep 5.  Confirm you give permission, this is so it can send commands to your speakers and system.tutorial ifttt sonosStep 6. IFTTT is now connected to Sonos. You can now choose one of the 28 pre-made appletts or make your own.

Here is selection of our favourite pre-made appletts:

Step 7. To make your own applett, click ‘New Applett’. You will now see an empty applett. Click plus to add any trigger, currently Sonos cannot be a trigger only an action.

Here are some ideas we had:

How to connect Ring to Sonos

In this example we are going to make an applett that plays a doorbell sound over Sonos if someone presses our Ring doorbell.Ring triggerNow click + and select Sonos and choose the action:
Sonos IFTTT How toFor this example click Play Favourite.

Step 8. Open the Sonos app and search songs for ‘Doorbell sound effect‘. We found a good selection on Spotify.
Ring doorbell over SonosChoose the song you select and select ‘Add Song to My Songs’.

Step 9. Refresh the IFTTT page and in the drop down you will now see the Doorbell sound. Select the speaker to play on and press Create action.
Doorbell over SonosNow when anyone presses your Ring doorbell a doorbell sound will sound over your Sonos speaker!

Other ideas we had:

Connect Next Protect to Sonos

In this example we connect Sonos to Nest Protect, in the event of an emergency an alarm is played over Sonos.  To do this simply select Nest Protect as the trigger, selecting Emergency.

Nest Protect SonosThen as above but this time choose an alarm sound and add it to your My Sonos.

Connect Sonos and Nest Protect

Good luck creating your own appletts, let us know what you created in the comments!

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I am thinking of purchasing this and leveraging this applet in our office. Does the doorbell sound play on repeat with the applet suggested? I just want to make sure it does not keep playing once it rings.

Alan Gilbert
Alan Gilbert

This is very helpful. I am attempting to follow these instructions but Sonos is not showing up on the list of available services. Any clues?

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