Amazon introduced Alexa, its virtual assistant back in 2014. Read our Amazon Echo Review here.

The brilliant thing about Alexa is she is always listening ready to respond and help out.

In theory, she only records and responds when she hears the trigger, by default Alexa.

However, she can be accidentally triggered and then accidentally record. This is because she has been designed to be sensitive to potential triggers, to ensure users with any accent can trigger her.

Think about it, you are very unlikely to complain about false triggers, however if she never responded when you spoke to her you would definitely complain.

Here is how to review your Alexa history and replay your Alexa recordings as well as deleting them.

When we reviewed our history, there were quite a few accidental recordings. These were mostly triggered by the TV. This works for any Alexa device; dot, echo or show. You can buy these from Amazon.

1. Open the Amazon Alexa App

2. Click Settings on the main left hand menu

2. Scroll down and click History

3. You now see the list of events

4. To Playback or delete the recording click the listing.


Thanks for reading! PS. You can buy these from Amazon.

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