How to use Alexa Announcements in the UK

Alexa announcements allow you to use your Amazon Echo’s as a one-way intercom between rooms. Ideal when you have more than one Echo around your house.  Uses include announcing dinner is ready or someone’s favourite program is about to start on TV!

How do I use Alexa announcements in the UK?

Simply say to Alexa:


She will then reply:

“What’s the announcement?”

She will then record your reply and repeat it across the other echo’s on your network. This will be announced with a tone and then:

“Announcing… {{recording of your reply}}”

The feature can also be invoked via

“Alexa tell everyone…{{your statement}}”

What are the limitations of Alexa Announcements?

At present it is impossible to limit to set rooms, for example only the living room or not in the bedrooms. However announcements can be stopped via the Do Not Disturb feature.

What Amazon Echo devices does it work on?

Alexa Announcements are supported by all Echo devices. See Amazon for details.

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