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This is a We Own It review of the Fingbox network security and troubleshooting box.

Fingbox is an extension of the successful Fing application, that allows you to trouble shoot your network from your ios or Android device. The app has over 20 Million users so even if they only get 5% using the box this has huge potential.

It was created after an impressive Indiegogo campaign where it received 1,744% of its funding!

We were lucky enough to get our hands on one of the first Fingboxs in the UK at their London launch event.

Size wise the device fits in the palm of my hand, its a little bigger thank we imagined .

Fingbox unboxing
What you get in the box!

What does Fingbox do?

The Fingbox box connects to your router, or any part of your network. It then monitors your network offering:

– Network Scanning & Digital Fence

It lets you know in real time as devices join and leave your network. One cool thing about this is you set users and it alerts you when they enter the network – for example if your child comes home or your cleaner comes. This is all done behind the scenes, they don’t even need to join your network just be in range and you get an alert. Also you get the alert where ever you are no need to be on the home network.

Fingbox Alert
Email saying device has gone down

It also shows all the channels every device is on allowing you to find the best channel for your wifi.

FingBox Digital Fence
This is how it shows all devices in range

– Parental controls

Based on users you can limit internet on any device, great for bedtime or when someone is supposed to be doing homework.

Fingbox block devices
Pause or block any device

– Identifying network hogs

This is a very interesting feature as you can quickly see where the bandwidth is going on your network. For example, has your camera decided to upload photos to the cloud whilst your trying to stream a film on a Saturday night. Once you have found the hog you can pause its internet access.

FingBox Bandwidth Analysis
Select devices to compare

– Wifi analysis

This test the actual speed of the wifi coming from your router to your device. As you walk around you can see it change. It also shows if this speed can stream SD, HD or 4K.

Fingbox wifi speed

– Speed test

This is the speed of the internet coming into your router.

– Hacker Threat Check

Unfortunately this didn’t make it into the version we received they told us its because they are reworking the feature to include even more threats and insights.

How easy is it to setup?

Very easy! We already use the Fing app and had an account setup, if you don’t you need to install the free app (ios / Android). Create a free account.

Plug Fing into your network, it does need power but a micro usb cable with plug adapters comes in the box.

One plugged in open the app and scan the network as normal, Fingbox is detected.
Few easy configuration questions and its all setup.


Once setup you can start creating users, one nice touch is it can read your phonebook and pull in people and photos from your phone, to save you entering names.

Fingbox users
Even your dog can be a user!

What’s the connectivity?

Fingbox at present does not work with any external connectivity however at the launch event one of the founders, Carlos Medas, told us that they are looking at IFTTT and an API to allow connectivity.  They wanted to launch the product first and get feedback on what users wanted.

From us it’s a big we want IFTTT integration.

Fingbox does have a USB port at present its for debugging but potential for log files later in life.

How much does Fingbox cost?

The retail price is $99 – take a look on

Fingbox Home Network Monitoring & Security

Fingbox Home Network Monitoring & Security

Check the Price on Amazon UK Check the Price on Amazon US

What’s it like living with Fingbox?

Great! Never have we had this level of control or information about our network in one place.

The app is very intuitive and good to use, this is probably due to the fact Fingbox is integrated into the proven app rather than starting again.

After only using it for a few minutes we identified a few issues with our network we could easily fix and improve stability. We have also set alerts for other smart home tech, for example our Ring Doorbell so if it falls offline we know.

What are our final thoughts?

This already is a good addition to our smart home, excited to see where it goes and what more this magic little box can do in the future. The founders told us the firmware can be updated very easily in minutes, being sub 3MB.

We would give this a higher score if it worked with IFTTT, Stringify or had an API – but as we said hopefully that is coming soon.

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Simon Garland
Simon Garland

I’ll be really interested for you to re-visit this review and give us an update in a month or so.

This sounds great, I already use the app following your advice. Seems like the logical next step.

Great review.

John James
John James

Please provide crucial details missing from your review:

How does it connect to the local network? Ethernet or Wi-Fi?

If Ethernet, was speed is the connection? Does it have only 100mbit Ethernet or a full Gigabit Ethernet link?

This is important because many home broadband links are faster than 100mbit, so to properly test the the speed of the Internet connection, the hardware should probably be faster than 100mbit?


How does this compare to the original FingBox which was sold 2013/2014 and pulled off the market? Hopefully this time they won’t abandon all the paying customers ??


If I buy this now will future downloadable updates be available that include the hacker threat check or should I wait for a future release?

Terzioglo Simion
Terzioglo Simion

I have a question: Do the developers plan to add to Fingbox a VPN remote protection feature? Thank you. Best, Simion

John Fry
John Fry

Seems to do pretty much what the Google OnHub router already does.


I’d be interested to know what sort of issues the box helped you detect and fix on your network.

I’ve been playing around with mine for a few days, and I’m finding it interesting to use, but I’d be interested if I could use it to improve the network.

John James
John James

The shipping version of Fingbox has turned out to be anywhere from problematic to a nightmare for many users. Join their Facebook group for more details:

After running mine for two weeks, I had to disconnect it — network slowdowns and other unexplained problems. Tech support asked me for specifics which I provided, however I’ve never heard back from them.

My fingers are crossed that future firmware updates will fix these problems.


Can you do an update review noe that they have made several updates?


Since when is IFTTT a requirement for everything these days?


Seems rather pointless since most at least decent routers offer these features built in already, I guess it makes it easier for the non-tech savvy people…. But My asus router already implements all these functions and more on its own, no need to have a second piece of hardware that will be out of date in 5 years (aka no longer supported by firmware updates)

Reply to  Michael

So with the router how do you track bandwidth issues for various devices. I don’t see much beyond connectivity and total traffic. I can’t easily break down device by devive usage with just a router and log file. I’d have to go each device open the interface app and see packets at each interface, which I can not do simultaneously. My router only says about uptime/lease time and total packet count to the WAN not by device.


Fing in Hungarian means fart. We use the word BOX very often in it’s English form when speaking Hungarian, so no doubt, every Hungarian geek will agree with me, that this is definitely a FartBox. Thanks! LOL


Fingbox can’t monitor bandwidth continuously 🙁
It can’t automatically block all unknown devices – you just need do it manually. 🙁 🙁

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