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Lithe Audio WiFi Ceiling Speaker Review

If you are a regular reader at Smart Home Geeks you will remember we reviewed Lithe Audios ceiling speakers. They have now released a new WiFi ceiling speak...
GlowStone Mug Review

GlowStone Mug Review

We love British design so when we heard about the British smart mug we needed to hear more! What does the GlowStone mug do? The GlowStone mug aims to sol...
Robot Hoover Review

ILIFE V8s Robot Vacuum & Mop Review

Robots are supposed to make our life’s easier doing the tasks no one likes to do. A perfect example is hoovering and mopping.  ILIFE’s V8s does exactly th...
Washwow Review

Washwow 2.0 Review

Earlier we brought you the news about the launch of the new Washwow 2.0. An exciting sounding gadget that claims to be able to wash clothes with just water. W...