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We love British design so when we heard about the British smart mug we needed to hear more!

What does the GlowStone mug do?

The GlowStone mug aims to solve the age-old problem of tea, or any drink, going cold before you have finished it.

This super smart, bone china, mug can do this thanks to an inbuilt heating element and temperature detection tech.

GlowStone Mug Review
Graph showing temperature of a drink in a normal mug vs GlowStone

The mug monitors the temperature of the drink and maintains the perfect temperature of between 60°C to 65°C for an hour!

If you finish the drink before the hour it turns off when you take the last sip. Despite the tech it can go in the dishwasher, it just needs to be upside down.

It currently only comes in one design, honeycomb but other designs are available for pre-order.

The mug capacity does look a little smaller than some mugs, but the capacity is a pretty standard 370ml.

How easy is it to setup?

GlowStone Mug review
The mug activated, see the red glow

There is not really any setup, you just need to charge the internal lithium ion batteries. The inventor, Thomas Gostelow, previously commented:

“New technology should enhance life, not make more problems and things to learn.”

GlowStone Mug

Charging is done with a beautifully designed glass Qi wireless charger coaster.
Wireless charging was used as it allows it to be fully sealed and watertight. It takes 5 hours to fully charge the mug and automatically cuts off once fully charged.
Once charged you fill it with your drink, it flashes to let you know its detected. When the mug is maintaining temperature the GlowStone light appears magically through the mug.

How much do the GlowStone mug cost?

One mug – £129
Pair of mugs – £229

This is not cheap but for the cutting edge tech and something truly unique its almost worth it.

However we do have an exclusive 15% discount code to use on their site:  smarthome15

Glowstone Ultimate Honeycomb Self-Heating Smart Mug

Check the Price on Amazon UK Check the Price on Amazon US

What’s it like living with it?

It really works!! We tested it with tea and hot chocolate and both times the drink stayed hot for over an hour. It is one handy mug, perfect for when you are getting ready in the morning.

What are our final thoughts?

Yes, it is expensive but a quirky and different gift for any tea lover or anyone who hates a cold hot drink. The design is superb, the way the light glows through the mug is very impressive.

Looking for a gift for someone who has everything – this could be your answer!

For more information or to buy a mug visit their website:

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