Lithe Audio WiFi Ceiling Speaker Review
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No apple musicTop end price
4.4Watch out Sonos!!
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If you are a regular reader at Smart Home Geeks you will remember we reviewed Lithe Audios ceiling speakers.

They have now released a new WiFi ceiling speaker, so we were eager to see how it compares to their impressive Bluetooth ceiling speaker.

What does the Lithe Audio WiFi Speaker do?

These speakers sit in your ceiling, hidden out of sight. You connect to them wirelessly with the Lithe Audio app, using 2.4 GHz WiFi.

Up to 30 speakers or zones can be connected giving an impressive multi-room experience.

LITHE AUDIO Wireless WiFi Multroom Audio Ceiling Speaker

LITHE AUDIO Wireless WiFi Multroom Audio Ceiling Speaker

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The speakers pack a punch with 60W RMS and inbuilt Apple AirPlay – the only certified AirPlay Ceiling speaker on the market.

Lithe Audio WiFi Speaker review

They don’t stop there also having in built dlna and UPnP for direct streaming from a media server.

How easy are they to setup?

Setup was simple, as you would expect from Lithe Audio.

First cut the hole, using the supplied template. Then work out how you plan on powering them. They can either be wired into a lighting circuit or can be plugged in, a plug is supplied.

Lithe audio app

Once powered up you need to install the free Lithe Audio app. Connecting the app is easy, press the reset button for 5 seconds and connect to the speaker via WiFi. The app is simple and intuitive to use.

You can then connect it to your home network and give the speaker a name. To setup AirPlay you use the apple setting and it automatically finds the speaker.

Next the fun part of connecting to a source and playing music!

Streaming options

How much do they cost?

£329.99 for a single speaker
£399 for a pair with a master and a slave

This is very comparable with market leader pricing although at the top end.

What’s it like living with it?

Airplay Speaker review

Wow! We are big Sonos fans at Smart Home Geeks, with one in every room. However we can happily say the sound quality and connectivity of Lithe audio surpasses Sonos.

AirPlay is great and ’just works’ – the app never dropped or had frustrating connectivity issues or lag.

Lithe Audio

Sound quality is superb, both treble and bass sound exceptional.

They however do not support Apple Music – for us no issue but for some it might be a deal breaker.

What are our final thoughts?

If we were looking for a whole home audio solution this is the one we would now choose. The speakers can be easily fitting in the ceiling , out of the way and effortlessly controlled and used.

Watch out Sonos – Lithe is here!!

Lithe Audio review
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Mitesh Patel
Mitesh Patel

Great review. Spoke to their tech support and got this response re: Apple Music:
“You can use AirPlay on 1 speaker but unable to group all together but by spring next year it will be compatible with AirPlay 2 which will give you the ability to group all speakers together and will be implemented with a firmware update so no need to get a new speaker.


Could above review be amended to reflect this? I’m going to be buying these.

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