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Earlier we brought you the news about the launch of the new Washwow 2.0. An exciting sounding gadget that claims to be able to wash clothes with just water. We were luckily enough to get our hands on a washwow 2.0 to test it for ourselves!

What does Washwow 2.0 do?

The idea is Washwow allows you to wash your clothes without the need for any washing powder or liquids. Washwow uses electrolysis of water to clean your clothes or any item you put in the water.  They have a parent pending – this can be viewed here. They also have extensive research and testing. All of which we asked for as were sceptical.
It is two cycles built in – either 20 minutes or 25 minutes. To use Washwow you put it in a bowl of water with your items, twist it, It then does the rest.
The latest version 2.0 is charged via wireless charging. Meaning no cables are put into the water.

How easy is it to setup?

There is no setup, if came slightly charged ready to use.

How much does Washwow 2.0 Cost?

Washwow 2.0 is currently £66 via their Kickstarter pledge ( Here)

Washwow 2.0

Washwow 2.0

Check the Price on Amazon UK Check the Price on Amazon US

What’s it like living with Washwow 2.0?

Confusing! We’ve done quite a bit of testing of this and research. Washwow does work.
We tested it with smelly socks and after the 20 mins they did come out looking and smelling clean. We tested a muddy t-shirt and likewise clean!


washwow works

We do have a concern that the process does basically creates chlorine. Therefore not suitable for delicate items as could cause discolouration. So use with caution!
(Disclaimer we are NOT scientists just Geeks – use any product with caution)

What are our final thoughts?

If you are looking to easily wash your clothes on holiday or on a business trip this is for you! It makes it easier and smarter to clean.

For more information have a look at their website or KickStarter.

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