How frustrating is it when you cannot find the perfect mount or accessory for your smart home tech. Simple solutions like corner mounts or switch covers that really should exist but just don’t!

Meet UK 3D Printing Company 3D Print Concepts who have tackled this problem.

The company is brainchild of Chris Crute, he commented:

“It’s nice to have something I designed appreciated by people!”

Their main product is Philips Hue dimmer lighting switch covers. The concept is simple the cover goes over your existing switch and allows you to mount the Hue dimmer on your wall. No rewiring or electrical skills are required.

Philips Hue dimmer cover UK

They have created an impressive seven different variants to suit different wall switches including single, double and two dimmers. They even do custom designs for 4 way switches and non-standard installations.

They plan to expand the switch cover range with Philips Hue Tap, Philips Hue Living Colours and even IKEA Trådfri in their sights.

Their latest product is a mount for a Philips Hue Motion Sensor. The mount has been cleverly designed to maintain the discreet look of the sensor whilst allowing mounting in a corner, or on a ceiling with an angle of 20, 30, or 45 degrees.

Philips Hue motion wall mount UK

It also works for using on a desk or surface.

To find out more about their 3D printed solutions have a look at their Facebook page:

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