Amazon this week announced a trial with American hotel chain Marriott to put Amazon Alexa’s in select hotel rooms. A new service Amazon call ‘Alexa for Hospitality’.

The trial will be across the full range of Amazon Echo devices. Hotel guests will be able to use Alexa to control the rooms smart lighting, set alarms as well as call reception and even order room service. Amazon shopping will be disabled.

The integration doesn’t require guest to have their own account. However Amazon commented “soon” users will be able to temporarily sign into their own accounts allowing them to play their own music or listen to Audible books. Cleverly the sign in will be connected to the guests check in, automatically removing the account on check out.

Amazon commented the hotel will not be able to hear what Alexa has been asked or listen to interactions. This suggests a commercial management tool has been created as the current domestic solution does allow history playback.

It is unknown which smart lighting solution Marriott or Amazon are using for the trial. It will be interesting to see what solution is used as at present market leader Philips Hue does not have a commercial solution. Another option would be Alexa enabled smart light switches. This world potentially be cheaper to retro fit as no need to replace existing lights.

It’s also unknown how many rooms are in the trial or if it will ever make its way to the U.K.

If you are lucky enough to stay in an Alexa enabled hotel room we would love to hear about it!

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