Amazon has joined forces with Lancashire police to create flash briefings with news and information.

In times of emergency or a major incident the skill will be used to give important information.

All Alexa owners need to do is enable a free skill to add the information to their daily briefings. Information includes crime updates as well as wanted photos.

Alexa police

The implementation is pretty straightforward and uses an RSS feed from the police into the Alexa skill.

The idea is thanks to PC Rob Flanagan who commented:

As a police force we are always looking at ways to engage with our communities. Alexa works alongside traditional policing methods to inform the public about the important issues in their neighbourhoods. We want to be at the forefront of this new technology to make it easier for the public to access the information they want to know.

Unfortunately the briefing is limited to Lancashire but hopefully it will be rolled out nationally to every police force if successful.

To add the skill visit:

Another good skill for London users is London Tube – easily check the status of the underground.

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