This one is slightly less Smart Home but as this is a development of Amazon Echo and Alexa we thought you would be interested.

We recommend purchasing the Amazon Echo products directly from Amazon, usually starting below £50.

Amazon has just announced the release of Amazon Echo Look

Alexa can now take hands free photos of you! It has build-in lighting and depth sensing camera to get the best photos.

It also introduced Style Check a new feature allowing users to get expert advice on their look.

The user selects two photos and it will ‘look at them’ and give advice based on latest trends and what flatters you. As well as creating your own personal look book so you can remember every outfit you own easily and when you wore it.

Here is a link to the promo video

If we were a fashion retailer we would be very scared right now, Amazon is coming for you – in a big way!

At the moment ordering is by invite only and USA.