Amazon Alexa has already started to take over our homes, now Amazon has its eyes on other markets. In June we brought you the news of Alexa being added to hotel rooms. This was being trailed under Amazon’s new program ‘Alexa for Hospitality‘.

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Now Alexa is being added to University rooms!

Saint Louis University ,in America, has added Alexa to every residence hall room and apartment. The installations being done completed by a new Amazon initiative called ‘Alexa for Business‘.

The university will deploy 2,300 Amazon Echo Dots and with it a specially developed skill to allow students to ask questions about University life.

The program is being rolled out after a success pilot, done in collaboration with Amazon.

Despite hardware costs of in excess of £91,000 (based on the UK retail price), all this is being done at no costs to the students.

“Amazon Web Services is proud to work with SLU to provide students with quick access to important information. Making them feel more comfortable and confident around campus and in the classroom”

Said Andrew Ko, director of education at AWS.

“We applaud SLU’s commitment to using technology like Amazon Alexa to enhance campus life for its students”

This is a big step for both Amazon and education, joining forces to make university life a little easier for students. Something we can only applaud!

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