Amazon has just released an updated Amazon Echo, Echo Plus and a new Echo Spot.

Here is what each of the new products does and how it fits into the impressive range.

PS. We recommend buying your Echo devices directly on Amazon, currently starting from under £50.

Improved Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Wood Oak UK

The improved Echo is slightly smaller than the first generation Echo, introducing a more subtle design. It also features a removable cloth cover with additional designs going on sale soon – this is a great addition as the previous Echo did look a little industrial compared to other Smart Home Tech.

Amazon Echo Colours UK

One other big change is the tech inside, Amazon has added a dedicated base speaker and improved the microphone to allow it to be activated from even further away and generally improve activation. It also now supports Dolby Audio so music should sound better.

The new Echo will be available in packs of 3. This is a clever move and has obviously been done to push their new multi room music solution using Alexa. As we said before, be afraid Sonos!

They have also dropped the price, it is now £90!

Shipping Starts October 2017 – just in time for Christmas.

Echo Plus

Amazon Echo Plus BlackAmazon has obviously realised that the way to dominate the Smart Market is to release a platform or Hub that properly integrates other tech. Meet Echo Plus the smart hub.

It integrates with other smart tech via ZigBee. ZigBee really seems to be the protocol of choice with Philips Hue and IKEA Smart Lighting both using it as well over 100 supported tech.

The Echo Plus even comes with a Philips Hue lightbulb.

Amazon Echo Plus costs £140 and ships 31 October 2017.

Echo Spot

Recently Amazon Released the Echo Show and it received a very mixed response. Echo Spot is their second attempt at a Alexa with a screen, however it is much smaller than the show. It’s the equivalent of a Amazon Echo Dot of the show.

With design similar to a Nest Thermostat the Echo Spot has a 2.5 inch round screen with a camera on top.
Amazon Echo Spot White

The Echo Spot also doubles up as an alarm clock with the screen displaying a clock face. Somehow I think Amazon are telling us this is the one for the bedroom.

It supports video calling as well as all the standard Alexa features and Skills. You can connect it to your speakers via Bluetooth or an old fashioned cable.

At present only a USA ship date has been confirmed, that is 19th December 2017 and no prices.

Echo Connect

The Echo Connect requires a landline and becomes a speaker phone. Allowing voice dialling as well as the normal Alexa features.

We assume this is to try and introduce Alexa to a generation that might otherwise not fit into the existing range.

As yet no release date or prices on the Echo Connect.

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