Amazon is not afraid to try new things; be it TV, voice control or in this case little buttons that can place orders – Amazon Dash buttons.

Unfortunately for Amazon Dash buttons didn’t take off as much as Amazon would have liked. Despite Amazon claiming in 2017 that 4 people pushed a Dash button every minute!?

We feel partly due to the fact each one had to be locked to a set product. Making it a slightly clunky user experience – for example if you press the button and the item is out of stock or discounted.

Today Amazon announced Dash buttons are being retired, partly putting it down to the increase in voice ordering via Alexa. As well as Amazons new Subscribe & Save:

“We’ve also seen customers increasingly using programs like Alexa Shopping, which provides a hands free shopping experience, and Subscribe & Save, which lets customers automatically receive their favourite items every month.”

However the virtual dash buttons will still be supported, only the physical buttons are being retired.

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