Amazon today announced a new equaliser features allowing you to fine tune the sound on your Amazon Echo.

This allows you to make subtle tweaks to bass, treble and midrange depending what you are listening to for optimal sound.

We have tested the feature out and as a simple as it sounds it does make a difference, especially increasing the bass!
Alexa equaliser UK

If you are based in the UK you can access the new equaliser via the smart phone app.

    • Open the Alexa app.
    • Click the menu, top left
    • Tap Alexa Devices
    • Tap the device you want to change adapt the sound
    • Tap Sounds
    • Open equaliser

If you are based in the USA you can use Alexa to adjust the sound, using the commands:

“Alexa… turn up the (treble / bass / midrange)”

“Alexa…. set (treble / bass / midrange) to (plus / minus) (number 1 – 6)”
“Alexa…. reset equaliser ”

These commands only effect the Echo you are talking too, each has their own settings.

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