Apple has released iOS 11.2 bringing faster wireless charging to the iPhone X and iPhone 8. Both these handsets have integrated wireless charing.

Apple use the Qi wireless charging standard, pronounced “CHEE” like cheese.

This upgrade allows it to charge using 7.5W. As Qi is a standard it instantly works with any Qi based wireless charging accessory. Allowing faster charging as soon as the update is complete.

iPhones prior to the X and 8 charge via the standard wire and only at 5W. This means it takes longe to charge the battery.

However the Qi standard 1.2 supports up to 15W so even faster charging is possible. We suspect Apple are keeping this back for their Air Power releasing in Q1 2018.

iOS 11.2 is available via an over air update immediately.

If you would like to know more about wireless charging read our article: What is Qi wireless charging.

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