*update April 2018*

Unfortunately since writing they appear to be a victim of their own success. Customers are being told 6 month delay in existing and new orders.


It’s not every day we come across a product that’s totally different so often the smart space is ‘inspired’ by other products.

However, the NYC Train Sign is something we have never seen before, your own custom LED tube or train station sign for your house or office! Pretty cool.

Each screen is custom made by a start up in USA, the ‘London’ is their latest model. As the name suggests showing London Tube or any UK train station’s information.

As its fully bespoke you can choose from a selection of frame styles, colours and brightness levels.  They also offer further levels of personalisation like logos and pictures.

Tech wise it is based on Raspberry Pi with an LED matrix and a 3D Printed base. Its powered by their own API and official feeds, ensuring the times are correct.

All you need is a power outlet and WiFi – no excuse for missing your tube or train again.

Prices start from $299 (£214~)  We know what you are thinking couldn’t you just make one yourself for that price? Yes you could but this way the hard work is done for you.

For more information check out NYC Train Sign’s Website.