Talk to your washing machine!

Looking for a smart washing machine? Something that is supposed to make doing the dreaded chore of washing clothes easier? Say hello to Candy’s Bianca, a smart voice controlled washing machine.

Candy is an Italian manufacturer, established in 1945. You might not have heard of them directly as they mainly market different brands they own, for example Hoover and Kelvinator.

The smart part of Bianca comes via it’s Simply-Fi app. This is the same app Candy use for all their smart tech.

Once setup the app lets you control your washing machine from your phone and with your voice, a feature they call Talking Bianca.

Candy claim Bianca is much more more than a voice navigated app. It is “intelligent” with a “learning algorithm”.

For example you can ask for “washing advice” and it will give it.

It even claims to notice “mistakes” and correct them, learning your routine and patterns.

Bianca has additional handy features like ZOOM mode to make any program less than one hour that they claim does not impact how well the clothes are washed. It also has a “intuitive” and “ergonomic” menu to make it easier to use when not using your voice or app.

This all sounds pretty impressive!

The only thing it’s missing is IFTTT and Alexa or HomeKit integration. However often these are added to tech in later updates. Especially now HomeKit can be authenticated via software and not just a chip.

Candy Bianca is currently exclusive to in the UK and costs £349. For more information visit

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