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Casper release Smart bed light

Casper Glow Light

Casper have branched out from mattresses to try to improve the sleep environment by releasing a smart bedside light, that they claim helps you go to sleep! Glow Light.

To create Glow Light, they created ‘Casper Labs’ in San Francisco to research into one of the most important factors in sleep – light!

Light normally keeps us awake but Casper claim this light helps us get to sleep, creating positive sleep patterns. This is done by gradually dimming for sunset and slowly lighting for sun rise.

The light comes with an app, IOS and android, to setup as well as customise features. However, the control of the light is deliberately simple, using an in-built accelerometer and gyroscope.

  • Flip it to turn it on
  • Twist to adjust brightness
  • Wiggle for low light

Using Bluetooth up to 6 lights can be connected together to work in sync.

“We believe in the power of a more well-rested world. Glow raises the bar on sleep innovation while bringing joy back to bedtime.”

Neil Parikh, Casper co-founder

We are big fans of anything that claims to help you sleep, so will keep you posted once we manage to review one!

Glow Light is available now, direct from Casper, priced – £86 for one or £169 for two.

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