Create your own Alexa Skill

Alexa is slowly but surely taking over the smart home world. A few times we have looked into how to write our skill and take the relationship to the next level. However it is a slightly complicated process requiring a lot of time and skills to program it. That was until Story Line launched, the easy Alexa skill creator!!

We recommend always purchasing your Echo directly from Amazon, starting just below £50 usually.

In a few simple steps and once setup with Amazon you can create your Alexa Skills very easily.

Yes the skills are slightly limited however it is an amazing idea and no doubt the capabilities will grow as the start up grows. Look how limited IFTTT was when it launched compared to now.

We will do a detailed How To article soon however in the meantime here is a quick 10 minute tutorial from Storyline showing what it can do.

To signup for Storyline check out their website:
Cost: FREE

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