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Dyson release new tech!

Dyson Pure Cool Me UK

Dyson has always been known for their innovation and tech solutions. Revolutionising vacuum cleaning and even hair dryers!

Today Dyson announced two new smart home products; Pure Cool Me and Lightcycle.

Pure Cool Me is a small air purifier designed for bedsides or desks. What makes it unique is you can target exactly where you need it, this is done by simply touching the dome. Dyson claim it can capture 99.95 per cent of particle pollutants

Lightcycle is a very smart light that uses unique algorithms to detect location, date and time to perfectly mimic day light.

It comes with 6 pre-set mode Study, Relax, Precision and Boost. As well as sleep and wake up modes and even an away mode to mini presence if you are on holiday. It also connects to the Dyson Link app, the same app that controls their other smart tech.

“Our bodies can be influenced by daylight’s changing spectrum of colour and brightness. So, our new light adjusts with the daylight where you live”

Said Jake Dyson, Chief Lighting Engineer at Dyson.

The light even has a built in USB-C to charge your tech, very handy!

Dyson Pyre Cool Me is on sale now for £299.99

Dyson Lightcycle is available in either a floor model for £449.99 or floor £649.99

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