Facebook is not having an easy time now with trust being an all-time low – thanks to their recent data scandal where Cambridge Analytica illegally obtained over 50 million users data without their permission.

As part of that the #DeleteFacebook movement is gaining momentum with high profile companies (Tesla, Space X, Playboy etc.) deciding to take the bold step and delete their Facebook accounts. As well as high profile users like Will Ferrell.

This is very bad timing for Facebook as they were due to launch a new smart speaker at their F8 developer conference in May. The speaker was rumoured to be a competitor to the Amazon Echo Show, featuring a screen and camera.

The speaker was also supposed to launch new voice assistant, competing with Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana and Siri.

However, with all the new privacy concerns Facebook has decided to delay the launch.

We really don’t blame them!

A lot of people have concerns over tech like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant ‘always listening’.  Yet enough have trust in Amazon and Google to buy and use them.

If Facebook was always listening there would be greater concern as to what it would do with the data and more importantly who would have access to it.

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