FetchitGo is a pad with multiple buttons you can set to control your Smart Home tech. Created by a company called Tantiv4.

Think old fashioned kitchen pad meets Smart Home via Kickstarter and you are almost there.
The idea is you write next to each button what you set it to do, you then press the button, swipe the bottom of the pad and the action is done.

For example, making coffee via a connected Smart Coffee machine:

You can also connect it to your IFTTT applets – one button press to execute any connected IFTTT applet.
The concept is interesting and not like anything we have seen before so we’re pleased they managed to get over 100% of their goal. $55,154 when their target was $50,000.

For those who backed via Kickstarter shipping should start 27th June 2017 according to their latest update.

For everyone else there is no availability date listed – we have emailed them to try and find out and will update you when we hear more.

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