Flipp by SYNT the unofficial, crowd funded, Sonos remote has hit a hurdle.

Flipp launched an exciting campaign on Kickstarter promising to revolutionise how we interact with Sonos. Making it “Beautiful and simple”. They raised 335,650 DK from 356 backers.

The idea sounded pretty exciting and very different to how Sonos users at that time interacted with their Sonos. No longer requiring phone unlocking or opening apps.

Flipp was supposed to start delivery in November 2017.

Fast forward to today and Sonos is now supported by Alexa allowing easy voice control, as is widgets allowing quick easy access to music on IOS. Sadly it seems Flipp’s niche might have been filled or at the least got a lot smaller.

Flipp commented to their supporters via Kickstarter:

It is with a lot of regret we are informing you that at this stage we will not be able to meet our goal of bringing the Flipp Remote to market within the promised timeline. Despite the fact that you have been very patient and supportive of our efforts we have encountered a number of extraordinary challenges, and can no longer keep our original delivery timeline and are uncertain at this point exactly when we will start shipping. We have encountered several major setbacks in terms of production and procurement and even though we are certain we can find a solution it means significant delays for the entire project.

However they do still plan on eventually releasing Flipp adding further comment:

As a company we will strive to do everything we can to make sure Flipp is released.
It’s important you understand at this point we have no set date for the delivery of the product.

We will follow their development and keep you informed of how it develops.

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