A clear trend seems to be appearing in the virtual assistant space, setting assistants free from their devices, just like how Genie in Aladdin wanted to be set free as do these assistants or so it seems.

Google has announced its virtual Assistant, no they didn’t give it a name like Alexa, Siri or Cortana, will be integrated into lots of new tech.

Google Assistant UK
At the moment, you can only access Google Assistant via Google Home, Android Phones, iPhone App and Android Wear.

The technology supporting this integration initially includes speakers:

Anker – Zolo Mojo
Samsung Harman – Link 10, 20 & 300
Mobvoi – TicHome Mini
Onyko – Smart Speaker G3
Panasonic – GA10
Sony – LF-S50G

As well as some appliances manufactures, models to be confirmed:


We are not at all surprised with the speaker integration. However this is turning into a battle with Amazon Alexa already dominating and Sonos announcing a virtual assistant integrated speaker very soon.
What is your favourite Virtual Assistant? Let us know in the comments.


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