Recently launched in the UK, Google Home uses Google Assistant to access Googles endless services as well as other connected smart gadgets. All you need to do is talk to it.

This week Google has advertised a job at its London office for a writer to help give this Google Assistant a human touch and personality.

In the advert they state:

“Google Assistant Personality team is dedicated to bringing a bit of fun and human touch to people interacting with the Google Assistant through chat, phones, TVs, watches, Google Home and other devices we haven’t even thought of yet”

This highlights how seriously Google are taking it’s virtual assistant and in turn Home. The advert also gives insight into how they want people to interact with Google Home by asking for a specific type of person to write it’s Assistant:

You might have previously written for a character for film, TV, video game, or comic book who can deliver a joke that can make anyone smile or you’re the person at the party who wins the trivia contest because you can finish the fun film quote or recite obscure music lyrics.”

This indicates they plan on making Google Assistant fun and engaging, much like how Apple have tried with Siri. After all everyone loves asking voice assistants silly questions – just to see the reply!

Here is a link to the full job advert if this sounds like it could be for you.

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