Google have made some pretty exciting announcements over the last few days, including Google Home coming to the UK. Not content with just announcing that they have announced Google Wi-Fi also coming to the UK. After it has already been on sale in the USA since early 2016.

What is Google Wifi?

Google wifi is essentially a mesh router, designed to spread fast wifi around the home without dead spots.They have commented for medium to large house or houses with thicker walls more than one might be required.

Taking a leaf from Apple the device is designed to be on display rather than hidden away, not looking like a standard router at all.

One innovative feature is the accompanying app that is built in parent controls allowing devices access to be paused. Brilliant for bedtime!

Prices start from £129 or a twin pack for £229.

Watch this space, we will get a review live as soon as we can get our hands on one!

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