Haier smart home tech!

Haier, the world leading home appliance brands, has launched an exciting range of products all designed with a smart purpose. Each product also features an intuitive touch screen, no more knobs or confusing buttons.

Haier Smart Fridge UK

Link Cook Series: Connected Fridges
These smart fridges identify contents, tracking food expiry date, nutritional value and even suggesting recipes based on what you have.

This is a great idea, not only will it prevent waste but also promote healthy eating. No more forgetting about the vegetables in the bottom draw!

However when is a fridge not a fridge? When it’s a Link Cook Series – this fridge interface even tells you the weather forecast lets you check Facebook and emails.

Haier Duo Dry – Smart Laundry

Haier Duo Dry – Smart Laundry

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Let’s be honest, not one enjoys doing washing so any way to make it smarter the better.

Haier claim they have done exactly that “revolutionising the way people do their laundry”.

The Haier Duo is a double machine with Wi-Fi that allows monitoring and controlling via an app.

It has a super smart interface that is even integrated into Amazon Dash so can reorder washing powder when you are out!

As always with Haier a lot of thought has gone into the interface design, so much so it has won an award from Red Dot Design.

Haier U+

Haier U+
All these smart appliances are integrated into the Haier U+ Smart Home Platform. This allows each machine to talk to each other – for example:

Smart fridge detects you have food for a roast, it tells the oven to program for the recipe. The cooker also has a screen that then displays the recipe.

All these announcements were made at IFA Berlin in September, as yet no UK release dates.

Smart Home appliances are an area we see extensive growth in over the next 12 months as each manufacture release their latest developments.

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