IKEA trådfri colour hits UK stores!

IKEA has added new products to their smart lighting range trådfri. The products include the much anticipated colour bulbs as well as LED power supply’s, also called LED drivers.

At the time of writing colour bulbs are only available as part of a dimming kit, containing a bulb, dimmer and battery for the dimmer. The UK retail price for a 600 lm E27 is £35. We have asked IKEA if they plan on releasing the bulbs separately and will update you if we receive a response.

Photo we took in IKEA Tottenahm, UK store.

The LED drivers are available in 10W or 30W.

All lights in the trådfri range communicate via ZigBee, making them compatible with other smart light systems like Philips Hue.

The range also works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit.

The products are available in UK stores now. They are not yet available online.

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