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IKEA Trådfri & Hue work together NOW!


Earlier this year we exclusively confirmed that IKEA Trådfri lights will one day with work with Philips Hue.
This is due to them both using the ZigBee protocol.

Like all smart home users we really wanted to see this happen.  The more tech that works together the better.

(Read Ikea Trådfri and Philips Hue)

We are very pleased to see IKEA were true to their word and a new firmware has just been released. UK users can access it now.

This firmware fixes the interoperability issue. This means once updated you can see and control the lights within the Philips Hue app!

This was confirmed with a small comment in the release notes:

“ZigBee interoperability with 3rd party devices improved”

To add your IKEA bulbs to your Hue family you need to make sure the bulbs are running the latest firmware. To update them you need the TRÅDFRI Gateway .

Eventually the bulbs will come off the shelf with the latest firmware, however this will probably take a while as existing stock will need to sell first.

One day in the future it would be amazing if retailers updated firmware of tech they sold to prevent this issue. However we can not see it happening any time soon. On the positive side IKEA sell in vast volumes so hopefully it will not take long for the new stock to arrive.

IKEA exclusively commented to us:

“We’re thrilled in the interest in TRÅDFRI, our new smart lighting and we’re excited to share that the range is now compatible with Philips Hue and will be compatible with Apple, Amazon and Google in the autumn.

Small changes in lighting can have a great impact on people’s well-being. Many people want to change their light and the atmosphere depending on the activity and we see that life at home can be improved by integrating technology into our home furnishings. With our Home Smart range, we want to make this easy, affordable, and therefore accessible to many people.

In the years to come, there will be additional launches, enabling people to build onto their Home Smart solution.”

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