ILIFE has launched their latest 2-in-1 cleaning robot the V8s. The V8s is the latest addition to their V series, introducing a newly developed 2-in-1 cleaning system.

They have told us special care has been taken to develop features customers ‘actually want’, including anti-tangle nozzle and a mopping function that does not soak the floor, a innovation they have named the i-Dropping Water Tank.

ILIFE V8S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner With Floor Mopping

ILIFE V8S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner With Floor Mopping

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The i-dropping water tank has won innovation awards due to the precise control over the amount of water released, enough to mop and clean but not too much too soak.

V8s review uk

The robots features include:

Mop & Vacuum: V8s vacuums as well as wet mops. Featuring an accurate zoning system for improved cleaning.

Extra capacity bin: The V8s has an impressive 750ml dustbin, allowing it to clean more with less emptying.

Customised Cleaning: A simple user interface to allow preset cleaning at any time or day.

Self Charging: When the robot is low on battery it knows and returns home to charge!

The V8s robot vacuum is available globally today – we have given it a full review if you want to see more of what it has to offer. Read the review of the ILIFE V8S here.

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