We are big fans of using technology to make our lives safer for us and those around us. Kemuri have created a truly innovative solution that does exactly that, it is designed to monitor the elderly in a totally unobtrusive way.

” Helping people keep their independence,
wellbeing monitoring with no changes to lifestyle”

The name Kemuri comes from the Japanese word for Smoke. This comes from the idea you used to be able to check on the elderly by seeing if there was smoke coming from their chimney in the morning, back when people used fire to heat their homes 😉.

Kemuri is available in two versions; portable for instant use and fixed that needs installation. Both connect to a smart phone app.

Once setup it monitors movement, power usage and room temperature. It then uses a smart algorithm to create hourly patterns around what the person does, for example; breakfast, lunch and dinner times.

If the pattern changes an alert is sent to the registered phone, either amber or red as well as a text and email.
Kemuri UK
A simple yet effective idea, we have first hand experience of an elderly relative who would not wear a neck pendant so this would have been perfect.

Cost: ‘less than 99p a day’
Kemuri is available direct: http://www.kemurisense.com/

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