One area for growth in the Smart Home space at the moment is connected buttons or controllers.

Tech companies are starting to realise users don’t always want to open an app on their phone to activate their favourite light setting or play music.

Following on this path hardware pro Logitech has relaunched their programmable button Pop.

The big difference to the first version of the product they released last year is this time it’s fully compatible with Apple Home, allowing a press of Pop to activate an Apple Home theme or trigger something set in the app.

The Logitech Pop, as before, works with Logitech’s Pop App – uses a hub to connect to the internet and connection between Pop and the hub is done via Bluetooth. Many Pop’s can connect one one hub.

Prices start from £119.99, thanks to David our reader for updating us on the full price point. Additional buttons can be purchased for £30. Pop comes in four colours; white, alloy, coral, and teal.

They are due to ship later this year!

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The Logitech Pop button on its own is around £35 each but the necessary hub with a single button as a starter kit is around £120

The buttons use Bluetooth to communicate with the hub and do not connect to a phone directly. Rather the Pop App configures the hub via the cloud, which is also how the buttons communicate with devices to be controlled.

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