Ring, Amazon, and Nest Hello, Google are locked in battle for video doorbell dominance. Ring appear to be leading the market with a 90% market share, according to Forbes.

Amazon and Google aside there are a few other smaller players, for example Sky Bell, but none that stack up to the two powerhouses. That was until now, Silicon Valley startup Arbor Home have released their video doorbell – Arbor Video Doorbell. After working on it for 2 years!

The team behind Arbor have an impressive pedigree including; Hiroki Asai former VP of Marketing at Apple and Patrick Lazar former VP of Engineering at Netgear.

The video doorbell has the standard spec: 1080p HD, two-way audio and customisable motion zones. Where it gets clever is it boasts a super capacity rechargeable battery that, they claim, will last one year on a full charge. It can also be installed easily in 5 minutes, without an electrician or specialist unlike Ring Pro or Nest Hello. They even supply double sided tape to stick it up for ultimate easy install, great if you rent your property.

The video doorbell comes with its hub that performs three functions:

WiFi Extender

This gives the doorbell its impressive 700 ft range it boasts. This is an interesting move as anyone who reads video doorbell reviews will know this is the most common complaint. So much so Ring have released their own extender that can be purchased separately.

Digital Doorbell Chime

The extender doubles as a chime, alerting people without the app someone is at the door. Unlike market leader Ring where a separate purchase is required or Nest Hello where a separate chime is required.


The Chime also doubles up as an alarm. This is designed to be activated via a left swipe in the app, in case of any unwanted visitors.

The final point where Arbor is competing is price point, the video doorbell costs $199 including the hub and free 48-hour cloud storage. Arbor Video Doorbell is available in black and silver and on pre-order now via Indiegogo. They have already raised 216% of their goal of $50,000 with a view to officially launch in August 2018.

For more information visit their website: https://arbor-home.com

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