What could make a cocktail better?! How about a smart machine that makes it for you 😊

Meet iBar – the new smart solution to all your cocktail woes.  iBar is a portable bar tender that can hold 12 different ingredients and mix you the perfect cocktail. This includes shaking it!

As well as making you a drink it is also a portable Bluetooth speaker with built in LED lighting for parties, not forgetting it also has 2 USB sockets to charge your devices.

Accompanying the iBar is an app that contains over 1,000 different cocktails for you to easily make at the press of a button. Navigation of the app can be done via name, ingredient or category.


iBar will come in a choice of 5 different colours and amazingly also self cleans?!

This appears to be a very impressive addition to any smart home or party. We can’t wait to get our hands on it and sample how good the cocktails really are!

As always this is on Kick starter so caution is advised. iBar is currently at prototype stage.

For more information or to back them have a look at their Kickstarter or their website.

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Joe blow

They should just use Mixel

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