Fresh from Japan, Hakuhodo Group Company, COTODAMA have released a product we have never seen before in the Smart Home space, a Lyric Speaker!

Aptly named…. The Lyric Speaker.

This is the first time a speaker will display lyrics as well as a visual representation of the music. The concept behind the speaker is to allow the listener to really connect to the lyrics and music, in a way they have never done before.

Here is a demo video:

This is achieved using its innovative inbuilt “expression engine” that matches the song to the displayed font, speed and animation.

For example, if a slower song is chosen the speaker will show a more delicate font that flows across the speaker. If no lyrics are in the track, for example classical music abstract shapes and animations will be shown.

The Lyric Speaker connects to WiFi via the app and supports all the major streaming providers: Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play, SoundCloud and YouTube.

Unlike competitors the speaker can play 96khz/24bit FLAC files and has a range of 40Hz, with two inbuilt coaxial speakers as well as two drone cones.

All sounds pretty interesting and nothing we have seen before. The only challenging point is the price.

The COTODAMA Lyric Speaker is available in the UK now from their website  for £4,320.