We have stumbled across another Kickstarter,  this time for an artificial intelligent hub that controls your smart home.

Meet Momo – Your Intelligent Smart Home Assistant.

Momo does three key things:

1. Standalone security system – Boasting facial recognition and sound sensors!
2. Smart home super hub – Controlling/automating your existing smart tech
3. Artificial intelligence assistant –Learning your habits and ‘environmental preferences’

The idea being it interacts with your smart home for you making it smarter and easier.

The list of integrations is very impressive, the only one we see missing is Stringify:
Momo works withWe like the look of Momo, especially the facial recognition. This is something we have wanted to see for a long time in home security tech, it means for example the window cleaner will no longer set off an alarm or trigger an event.

The project requires $45,000 and with only 30 days to go has raised nearly half. If this sounds like something your interested in here is the Kickstarter link:


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