It has been a while since Nest, market leading Smart Thermostat and Smart Smoke alarm manufacturer released anything new, apart from the Nest E thermostat that is never coming to the UK.

You can buy Nest products from Amazon UK.

That has all just changed with the announced of 3 exciting new products, all of which integrate into the existing Nest App and are coming to the UK.

Nest Secure Alarm system

The Nest Secure Alarm System comes in 3 parts:

  • Nest Guard This is the main unit that all the other parts connect too, think of it like it hub.The base station has a backup keypad on the top, for manual disarming, as well as an integrated speaker for the alarm as well as to allow for voice guidance during setup and use. The unit also acts as a motion detector ‘protecting’ the room it is in.  Finally, it comes with an internal backup battery to ensure protection continues if the power is cut, something lacking from most smart home alarms.
  • Nest Detect

    As with most alarm systems Nest Secure comes with window and door sensors; Nest Detect.  However, unlike most alarm systems that have separate motion sensors and window/door sensor Nest has integrated them into one smart unit. This allows one device to let you know if it has been opened and if motion is detected inside. Nest Secure alarm comes with two Nest Detects with more being able to be purchased separately.
  • Nest Tag

    It is very clear Nest are targeting traditional alarm owners, as such this system comes with traditional fobs to allow users to arm and disarm without using the app. The system comes with 2 Nest Tags again with additional being able to be purchased separately.

The complete system has a RRP of $499, UK pricing TBC.

It goes on sale in November 2017 in USA with us in the UK expecting it in early 2018.

Cam IQ Outdoor

Nest has recently updated their cameras introducing the IQ range. As part of this announcement they introduced Cam IQ Outdoor. This features integrated Google Assistant as well as face recognition. This allows it to recognise your visitors compared to potential unwanted visitor.

It boasts a 4k sensor with 12x zoom as well as the normal 2-way microphone and noise cancelling.

Cam IQ Outdoor costs $349 for 1 or $600 for a twin pack, UK pricing TBC.
Worldwide release from November 2017

Hello Doorbell

Yep another Smart Doorbell has just been announced however this one claims to be a lot smarter.

If you use Rings Video Doorbell you will appreciate how frustrating fake alerts can be for cars or sometimes clouds. Hello Doorbell can tell the difference between objects and people, claiming no more false alerts.

One other interesting feature is pre-recorded responses you can play from the app; for example
“I’m in the garden and cant come to the door”. Great if you’re in a meeting and can’t talk.

PS. You can buy Nest products from Amazon UK.

There was no release date or price for Hello Doorbell just ‘Coming 2018’, this has probably been done as a heads up just before Christmas to prevent people buying Ring, the current market leader.

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