Update 31/08/2017

Nest have been in touch and updated us, this model is exclusive to the USA market and will not work or be released in the UK.

This is due to the fact:

Heating systems in the USA are very different to those in the UK, not just in terms of voltage, but most homes have boilers that provide heat through radiators, whereas in the USA forced air systems are more prominent

Nest has just announced their first new model smart thermostat since 2011. The Nest Thermostat E.

This model is much cheaper than any previous model. A standard, latest generation, Nest Thermostat in the UK costs £200, the Nest Thermostat E costs $169 (£130).

Looking at the design you can instantly understand how the cost saving has been achieved. Gone is the large glass high resolution screen with metal casing, in comes cost effective material and a discreet design.

This model will have nearly all the same smart features, including its energy saving learning algorithms and remote connectivity. This includes Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, unfortunately they did not take this opportunity to integrate Apple HomeKit.

The only main differences, design and cost aside, is the lack of ‘FarSight’. This feature turned on the display when you walk into the room. Also this model will have slightly less compatibility, instead of 95% of systems this will have 85%.

The non-compatible systems are not your everyday mass market systems. Generally these are high end setups. We can’t help but wonder if this was by design so not to cannibalise their premium models sales where budget would allow.

Nest Thermostat E UK 2

It is very clear Nest are targeting a different market with this model. Moving out of the niche ‘premium smart home’ and into ‘mass market technology’. Hoping to entice those consumers into the smart home arena.

Nest commented they hope to sell three times as many of the Thermostat E over the next 4 years.

PS. You can buy Nest products from Amazon UK.



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