Back in January 2018 Philips announced the planned released of the lasted update to their Philips Hue smart phone app for both iOS and Android, Philips Hue App 3.0

The release stated the update would come in Q2 2018 so anytime now!

According to Philips the app is totally redesigned taking into consideration comments feedback and ideas from its users.

The new app will improve daily use, and ensure seamless setup and integration of Hue accessories and new Philips Hue Entertainment partnership integrations. The interface will also enable consumers to instantly access their last used scenes, and to simply group lights and select their desired color temperature or color.

Philips did provide a sneak peak video:

Historically some 3rd party apps have overtaken Philips app in terms of functionality, for example Hue Disco and iConnectHue. So much so Philips even link to the apps in their own official app under ‘Apps we like’ interesting to see if this continues.

We are pretty excited to see what they have done and can’t wait to give it a go. What feature would you like most to see in the update app?