Signify, or as most people will know them Philips Hue, have just made some big announcement’s at CES Las Vegas. The worlds largest tech trade show.

Wireless Outdoor sensor – This is similar to their indoor sensor but designed for outside use. This fits with Philips Hues expansion into outdoor lights and allows motion to automatically activate lights. The sensor is battery powered with an impressive 2-year minimal life, as well as being weather proof with an IP54 rating.  Priced at £39 / $49.95 and on sale in February 2019.

Discover outdoor floodlight – A floodlight that emits 16 Million colours as well as white. Welcome outdoor floodlight – This is a cheaper floodlight that only emits white light. Three different models of a “Econic Outdoor Wall Light” a stylish wall mounted outdoor light. These will all be on sale in February 2019.

Google Assistant Natural wakeup – use Google Assistant to set a natural wakeup sunrise on Hue. Philips Hue already supports this feature, but this allows users to be able to use Google to set a wakeup:
Vast expansion to its outdoor range – the new line up now includes:

“Hey Google, wake me up at 7am tomorrow!”

This has been a very busy year for Hue, releasing many products as well as friends of Hue integrations. We look forward to trying the new tech when it is released.

For more details visit the Philips Hue website.

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