Philips Hue, the market leader in smart lighting, has teased a new announcement at trade show Light + Building 2018.

“Are you ready for a new lighting experience? Now even more ways to control your Philips Hue lights. Stay tuned! “

Followed by a video showcasing a new range of Smart Light switches that can not only turn your Hue lights on and off but change scene, dim and change colour.

Philips Hue Light switch UK

This is a big development for Hue owners as one big frustration often experience is the fact if a light switch is turned off the smart bulb is inactive. Hue have tried to overcome this with a special range of dinner switches but never actual light switches.

They also comment the switches have been designed to fit seamlessly into your home décor. Another great point!

The video used the Friends of Hue App and went onto mention the brands that we assume will be developing this range; Teller by Schneider electric, Niko and Vimar.

Philips Hue Lightswitch The launch date is ‘Fall 2018’ so expect them September 2018.
More details to follow as we have them.

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