Ring, the video doorbell experts, much anticipated whole house alarm system will go on sale in the USA on July 4th 2018.

The product launch was delayed by legal disputes with alarm giant ADT over the technology. We assume Rings acquisition by Amazon assisted with the situation.

Ring Alarms base package includes a base station, range extender, door sensor and motion sensor. It is priced at $199 / £150.

Additional components, that most likely will be needed to cover anything other than a flat, are available as additional purchases. These range from $20 – $30 / £15 – £25.

In the USA they have an option of a monitored alarm for a very cost effective $10 / £8 a month.

Ring alarm will connect to existing products, for example Ring video doorbell and Ring flood lights. It’s not known if it will integrate into all generations of products, for example Ring Video Doorbell 1.

When Ring will release the alarm in the UK is not currently known. However based on Rings previous release strategy for the U.K. we don’t expect it soon.

We have asked Ring for a comment on the UK and will update if we receive one.

For more information on Ring read our Ring Video doorbell review.

Update 15/6/2018

Ring responded and commented:

“We do not have an international availability date at this time”

In response to the question about integrations they replied:

“Ring Alarm will seamlessly integrate with an unlimited number of Ring security devices, including Ring Doorbells and Ring Cams, at one location for no extra fee via the free Ring app”